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Slideasy makes it easy to engage and receive feedback from your participants. Create presentations with multiple choice questions, word cloud activities, text questions and more.

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How does slideasy work?

Capture your audience's
attention in 3 easy steps!

  1. Ask a question

    Asking questions can bring a huge impact on your presentation. By asking questions you can understand your audience better.

  2. The audience responds

    Get instant feedback. Discover new ideas and perspectives from your audience.

  3. Results updated live on screen

    As the audience submit their response, the results are instantly displayed on the screen.


With slideasy there are multiple ways
to interact with your audience

  • Multiple choice

    Create your own multiple-choice question. Make a question and add unlimited options.

  • World cloud

    Create a word cloud activity and add it to your slides. Everyone will see the words live.

  • Static text

    Add and format text to organize content in your presentation.

  • Text question

    Allow your audience to ask questions or challenge them to send ideas during your presentation.

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